Please click on this link to read an article regarding the validity of the new bishops.

What are we to think of the new modern pope? Please listen to this interview with Fr. Cekada on Restoration Radio

BUILDING FUND COLLECTIONS are officially on the 1st Sundays of the month but can be collected at any time.

NTC Chapel use as a church for our parish is in peril! Corky McMillan, the company who own the Liberty Station grounds, is attempting to get around historical site/artifacts status and wants to lease the Chapel for use as a profit center such as a restaurant, movie house or concert venue. Target lease date is June 1st, 2018. Please sign the petition, and share with your friends and family, at the following website: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/preserve-a-historic-san-diego-site-north-chapel
10,000- signatures are needed. We roughly have about 1000 signatures at this time. This petition can only be signed online, an email address is needed however you have the option not to post your name.

Thank you for your PRAYERSFr. Gerard would like to thank everyone for their prayers and sacrifices for the success of the mission to the Philippines.

Month of March Noe that there are extra prayers to St. Joseph, patron of the month.

'Truly spiritual persons seek rather what is bitter than what is savory; they incline to suffering mora than to consolation to be in want of everything for the love of God rather than to possess, to aridity and afflictions rather than the enjoyment of interior sweetness.' (St. John of the Cross)

Prayer Requests RIP Carol Camphire Cain, RIP Louis Ramirez Sr., Please pray for Michael Cain - battling cancer; Terry Stephens - battling cancer, David Monelt, Louis Ramirez Jr., pray also for world peace according to Our Lady of Fatima’s “Peace Plan from Heaven”, and for the moral/spiritual conversion of our country, for growth in our parish, for our military fighting and dying overseas, and in reparation for the sin of abortion.

'Mary's humility was the heavenly ladder whereby God came to earth' (St. Augustine)

'We out to to consider that we do not so much give alms to the needy as offer gifts to patrons who will receive us into everlasting dwellings' (St. John Chrysostom)

Mass Stipends Please make out all checks for Mass Intentions to Fr. Gerard McKee, and all tithing checks to Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Any other listed payee cannot be cashed or deposited. Thank you!