Please click on this link to read an article regarding the validity of the new bishops.

What are we to think of the new modern pope? Please listen to this interview with Fr. Cekada on Restoration Radio

BUILDING FUND COLLECTIONS are officially on the 1st Sundays of the month but can be collected at any time.

ALL Souls Day envelopes are available so that you may have your loved ones remembered in the 3rd Mass of All Souls Day and in the devotions for the Pour Souls during November. A donation is optional but would be most appreciated.

Parish Choir If anyone is able to sing and wishes to participate in the Parish Choir, your help would be most appreciated. Our talented choir directress, Klara Durbeck, finds herself having to work on weekends and will not be able to participate for the foreseeable future. Our organist, Gloria Nussey, has volunteered to help with High Mass on the 1st Sundays (and Solemn Feasts) and with hymns on the 3rd Sundays of the month. Other Masses will be quiet for this reason - thank you!

All Saints and All Souls Day
There is a special plenary indulgence when one fulfills the 'Toties Quoties' Prayers. From noon on All Saints Day through midnight of All Souls Day, the Catholic faithful, as often as they visit a church to pray for the dead, reciting six times during each visit the Our Father, Hail Mary & Glory Be for the intentions of Holy Mother Church may gain a plenary indulgence applicable only to the souls of Purgatory, under the usual conditions of Confession and Holy Communion within the week.

Prayer Requests RIP Louis Ramirez Sr., Michael Cain - battling lung cancer, Terry Stephens - battling cancer, David Monelt, Louis Ramirez Jr., Lorena Bowser - urgent intention; thanksgiving for a new chapel location for our sister parish in West Covina, pray also for world peace according to Our Lady of Fatima’s “Peace Plan from Heaven”, and for the moral/spiritual conversion of our ountry, for growth in our parish, for our military fighting and dying overseas, and in reparation for the sin of abortion.

Catholic Funeral and Mass Fr. Gerard has sheets on how to make provision for Catholic Funeral Mass and Burial if you have an concern that your survivors/relatives might not respect your wishes, especially to avoid cremation.

'It is not because God wants to reserve this state for a few privileged souls, but because He finds so few souls disposed to accept the hard task of purification. Therefore, He stops purifying them, and they condem themselves to mediocrity and advance no further. ' (St. John of the Cross)

'Our Lord has no need of books or teachers to instruct our souls. He, the Teachers of Teachers, instructs us without any noise of words. I have never heard Him speak, yet I know He is within me. He is there, always guiding and inspiring me, and just when I need them, lights hitherto unseen, break in. This is not as a rule during my prayers, but in the midst of my daily duties.' (The Little Flower)

Mass Stipends Please make out all checks for Mass Intentions to Fr. Gerard McKee, and all tithing checks to Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Any other listed payee cannot be cashed or deposited. Thank you!

CASA DE LOS REMEDIOS Dr. Michael Martins has generously pledged to assist the work of Our Lady of Fatima Parish with periodic donations as well as our parishioners with the services and products of Casa de los Remedios. Parishioners who use the code CA00435 for Our Lady of Fatima church will receive Free Diagnostics and Free Consultation using state of the art magnetic resonance technology which examines the blood without a blood draw. Those who purchase his natural products and homeopathic remedies will receive a 40% Discount. A $25 donation will go to Our Lady of Fatima for purchase of $100 or more. The method of treatment is called Cellular Homeopathy in Europe. His office is located at 1355 Broadway Suite S in Palomar Square, Chula Vista, CA 91911 (near where Palomar and Orange intersect). You can read about the services available at www.casadelosremedios.com. To receive the discounted service and products you must use the code CA00435 for