Please click on this link to read an article regarding the validity of the new bishops.

What are we to think of the new modern pope? Please listen to this interview with Fr. Cekada on Restoration Radio

BUILDING FUND COLLECTIONS are officially on the 1st Sundays of the month but can be collected at any time.

Fundraising for Our Lady of Fatima and Mt. St. Michael
Please use goodsearch.com for your internet searches and choose one of these available charities to forward the proceeds. Also applicable for smile.amazon.com
Summer Retreats for Traditional Catholics in Acton, CA July 10-20th
July 10-14th for children K-12
July 15th for High School Graduates-30 years old (Young Adults); special guests: CMRI nuns
July 18-19th- Question and Answers with Fr. Dominic
Call Fr. Dominic Radecki at (661)255-9849 with any questions, or to reserve a spot. Fees are only $5/day to cover costs of food. Info needed is name(s), age(s) and grades completed.
Location: 5620 Shannon Valley Road, Acton, CA 93510

Prayer Requests Please pray for RIP Arnold Ytturalde, RIP Louis Ramirez, Sr., RIP Javier Corella, RIP Guy Biggs, RIP Darrow Bruck, Terry Stephens- battling cancer, Carmen Garcia, RIP Romaeo Fulginiti, David Monelt, Louis Ramirez Jr., thanksgiving for a new chapel location for our sister parish in West Covina, and for the conversion of John Blackmun, all of the sick, suffering and housebound of our parish; world peace according to Our Lady of Fatima's 'Peace Plan for Heaven'; for growth in our parish, for the moral/spiritual conversion of our country, for our military fighting and dying overseas, and in reparation for the sin of abortion.

Catholic Funeral and Mass Fr. Gerard has sheets on how to make provision for Catholic Funeral Mass and Burial if you have an concern that your survivors/relatives might not respect your wishes, especially to avoid cremation.

'It is not because God wants to reserve this state for a few privileged souls, but because He finds so few souls disposed to accept the hard task of purification. Therefore, He stops purifying them, and they condem themselves to mediocrity and advance no further. ' (St. John of the Cross)

'Our Lord has no need of books or teachers to instruct our souls. He, the Teachers of Teachers, instructs us without any noise of words. I have never heard Him speak, yet I know He is within me. He is there, always guiding and inspiring me, and just when I need them, lights hitherto unseen, break in. This is not as a rule during my prayers, but in the midst of my daily duties.' (The Little Flower)

Mass Stipends Please make out all checks for Mass Intentions to Fr. Gerard McKee, and all tithing checks to Our Lady of Fatima Parish. Any other listed payee cannot be cashed or deposited. Thank you!