Since the changes in the Church, few parishes have any kind of dress code. However, at Our Lady of Fatima Parish we still believe that modesty and appropriate attire are necessary, especially in the Church, out of reverence for the Blessed Sacrament. Please obeserve these minimum standards of dress for attendance at Church services:
  • According to Apostolic Tradition and Church law, women and girls must cover their heads. Chapel veils or mantillas are available for loan in the vestibule). Women and girls must wear dresses or skirts that cover the knees completely when standing or sitting; slacks, shorts, sleeveless, tight or low cut clothing are not permitted.
  • Men and boys should wear dress coats and suits unless the weather is unusually warm.
  • Jeans and other casual attire are inappropriate for attendance at Church services. Our dress need not be formal, but it should be conservative and always modest.
Also, unless you have been attending the Latin Mass exclusively, please refrain from receiving Holy Communion until you have an opportunity to meet with Father.

We are always happy to see new faces at Our Lady of Fatima and we look forward to welcoming you back next Sunday.
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